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This weekend/week has been really awesome because all of my friends are out on school vacation. So every night it's been like hanging out with the best fun people. I hate the idea of my friends going off to college more than anything, it really depresses me. Drama all over the place, but w/e when does it not follow me everywhere.. im trying to look beyond it.

Have you ever loved your boyfriend/girlfriend but had SO much to complain about him or her? Have you ever wanted to kick your dog, but if anything ever happened to your dog, you would cry for days on end? Have you ever said, "Ugh, I hate my life," but you obviously know that you love your life? Have you ever really enjoyed your job, but came home from work, put your feet up on the table, and ran down a list of everything that fucking sucked about it that day? Doesn't everyone do that? Or does everyone come home and take a deep breath like Snow White when she wakes and says, "God, I LOVE my life, my friends, my family, my lover, my job, my body, my clothes, my world!!"? Is complaining really an un-natural thing? For me it's actually kind of soothing and therapeutic.

Tonight sucked though, boring night at work even though a ton of people stopped in multiple times to come in and see me. But I had my hopes set on this party tonight @ coys and it was the lamest experience of my life--the people who showed up?? I WAS JUST LIKE WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO THE VIP PARTIES? whatever. LOL GOD I NEED TO STOP BEING SO STUCK UP AND GET OVER MYSELF... actually no I don't.

I leave for Canada on thursday, which is pretty gnarly? But it snuck right up on me, I have NO money and I owe my friends BIG! I don't know what the hell im going to do?? I really kinda wanted to go shopping for clothes before I went too--oh well. When I say I have no money for Canada you guys are all probably rolling your eyes, but it's no joke. I'm going to be staying at a 4 star hotel with no money? How the hell does that work?

I keep having really weird dreams about death and it's freaking me out? Which is why im most likely not sleeping tonight--SO THATS PRETTY COOL W/E CAMERA ON..CAMERA OFF IM OVER THIS ENTRY RIGHT NOW.
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