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Most people are so afraid to admit that physical appearance is important to them. Most people that are reading this would be extremely aggravated that I accuse basically everyone of caring atleast somewhat about looks. I wonder if these people are mad because they don’t like to be accused of being superficial, or if they are mad because they are working very hard to pretend that in their mind it isn’t true.

The question is, are you a superficial, heartless person if you do not fall in love with someone because you are physically unattracted to them? It’s a twisted question, and it is unfair to ask. Let me explain why. A girl at my work the other day was arguing with her boyfriend because she realizes that he would not be there in a relationship with her, in love with her if she were three feet tall. She was upset because she thinks it’s fucked up that he would care about her appearance so much that he wouldn’t be with her because of it. This bothers me. It IS true that she would not be attracted to him if he were three feet tall; however, she is claiming that she would have been. She was defensive. Again, I believe that this is because she is uncomfortable with the cold truth that she would not have pursued a relationship with him had he been three feet tall. I mean, there are people who do not care about looks at all that are infact ugly. How can she deny this simple fact?

So let’s look at this…why wouldn’t she have? Physical appearance IS a part of a person. Now, I know this is a delicate issue because this whole beauty running the world of society or whatever really pisses everyone off, but we still need to confront it. People say it’s all about love and chemistry, then it ends up being about wanting the same number of kids. People say it’s all about wanting the same exact things, then it ends up being about the fact that it’s not fun to kiss them. People say it’s about having as many things in common as possible, then it’s about that ONE book or musician that you can’t agree on. My point is that there are a lot of factors involved, and they vary for each and every relationship. Sometimes looks matter. I don’t think that looks should be everything. I don’t think that they should be more important than being able to laugh together, but the fact is a lot of chemistry and sexual attraction relies on being physically attractive to one another, or wanting to touch that other person.

Now, when I say “physically attractive” I don’t mean that the person is necessarily the typical American ideal. I don’t mean attractive by the standard that others create. We all have our own ideas of attractiveness.

Anyway, my point is that there are more important qualities to a person that make them truly attractive as Shallow Hal teaches us, but I think it’s important that we do not lie to ourselves about our own superficialities. I don’t think it’s necessary either to overly brag about this superficiality. I just can’t stand it when people say that they only care about someone’s heart and mind, but don’t always take the time to examine others’ hearts and minds because they don’t match up to their idea of physical beauty.
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