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Why do you all do it? All of you at one point or another have somehow allowed an asshole (male or female) into your lives and hearts for them to trample all over your trust and self-worth. You practically whisper in their ears the secrets to your pain, nearly drawing them a map of the path to emotional destruction. You keep an ample supply of opportunities to be belittled, and you swallow more pride than water.

Let the truth be told, you were tricked and trapped. Your love is literally kidnapped when a seemingly good stranger offers you candy. Before you knew it, your love was no longer yours to control and you pray for the strength to break away, the mercy to be released, or even the good fortune of being rescued.

To those who are not dating assholes do not understand. They do not see you as the victim because we are all masters of our own fate. "He sucks. Get out of this relationship, Cut him out of your life and don't speak to him again." Ahhh…so easily said. And every thought in the back of your mind, there is an "I know. You're right," you cannot escape. This cold cage has become home, and there is no place like home - twisters and all.

Love doesn't seem to care if he's nice, just as life doesn't care to be fair.

What's so painful is that it's difficult to not blame yourself. Yes, you've been trapped into loving whatever this person had shown you leaving you unprepared for what he's hiding. Still, you're left wondering what ever happened to your judgment? "How could I have not seen this coming? How could I not know that this was going to happen? How could I have let another person hurt me when I swore last time that it wouldn't happen again? How many more times do I have to go through this?" How many times can you break and be glued back together before the cracks are too obvious and you run out of glue?

I guess when a stranger offers you candy, you can't help but want a taste. Pretty soon, you will realize that a piece of candy is not nearly enough to get you into that car and on that journey to someplace you may not want to go. Well, you deserve more, and you should not, under any circumstances fall for a guy again who has nothing more to offer you than fist full of Skittles and some promises he doesn't plan to keep and lies he will continually feed you. He should hand you a full course meal and move on over to the passenger seat, and then maybe you should talk to him.
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